If the installation fails in Visual Studio 2017

The installation of Visual Studio Community2017 failed under the Prosiki environment and I tried various methods, but as a result, I could only install it by using the Prosiki workaround software. Here are my notes on the various things I tried.

Download the installer

First, download the file VS_COMMUNITY__1030454197.1533178252.exe from the following page The number after *vs_community__ is the current version of the submission.
Microsoft Visual Studio

Click the “Continue” button when the message appears.

The installer will begin downloading the necessary files.

The installation file could not be downloaded. Please check your Internet connection and try again. message appears. I am connected to the Internet…


Install a digital certificate

I checked and found that the problem was solved by installing a certificate, so I’ll give it a try: right-click on the exe file, select “sha1” under the “Digital Signature” tab, and Click on the “Details” button.

On the “General” tab, click the “View Certificate” button.

Click the “Install Certificate” button on the “General” tab.

Click the “Next” button when the Certificate Import Wizard is launched.

Select “Automatically select a certificate store based on certificate type” as the default and click the “Next” button.

Click the “Finish” button when the completion of the certificate import wizard is displayed.

Since there were “sha1” and another “sha256,” the same procedure is used to import the certificates here.

Now, again, I tried to install…

As before, I got the same error message “The installation file cannot be downloaded. Please check your internet connection and try again.”.


View Log

The VS installation log is output in “dd_bootstrapper~.log” in the following folder, so let’s look at the error contents.

C:\Users\User Name\AppData\Local\Temp\dd_bootstrapper_yyyymmddhhmmss.log

The following error occurs from line 14 to line 24. It seems to be a proxy-related error. Prosiki, it’s you again…

VisualStudio Bootstrapper:2018/08/03 12:00:39: Starting to detect the existing VS and .Net…
VisualStudio Bootstrapper:2018/08/03 12:00:39: Finished detecting the existing VS and .Net
VisualStudio Bootstrapper:2018/08/03 12:01:28: Beginning file download. File = https://aka.ms/vs/15/release/installer.
VisualStudio Bootstrapper:2018/08/03 12:01:28: Download requested: https://aka.ms/vs/15/release/installer
VisualStudio Bootstrapper:2018/08/03 12:01:28: Attempting download ‘https://aka.ms/vs/15/release/installer’ using engine ‘WebClient’
VisualStudio Bootstrapper:2018/08/03 12:01:28: WebClient error ‘ProtocolError’ – proxy setting ‘Default’ – ‘https://aka.ms/vs/15/release/installer’.
VisualStudio Bootstrapper:2018/08/03 12:01:28: WebClient error ‘ProtocolError’ – proxy setting ‘DefaultCredentialsOrNoAutoProxy’ – ‘https://aka.ms/vs/15/release/installer’.
VisualStudio Bootstrapper:2018/08/03 12:01:28: WebClient error ‘ProtocolError’ – proxy setting ‘NetworkCredentials’ – ‘https://aka.ms/vs/15/release/installer’.
VisualStudio Bootstrapper:2018/08/03 12:01:30: WebClient error ‘NameResolutionFailure’ – proxy setting ‘DirectAccess’ – ‘https://aka.ms/vs/15/release/installer’.
VisualStudio Bootstrapper:2018/08/03 12:01:30: WebClient failed in ‘https://aka.ms/vs/15/release/installer’ with ‘リモート名を解決できませんでした。: ‘aka.ms” – ‘https://aka.ms/vs/15/release/installer’.
VisualStudio Bootstrapper:2018/08/03 12:01:30: Download failed using WebClient engine. System.Net.WebException: リモート名を解決できませんでした。: ‘aka.ms’


Offline installation

Come to think of it, when I upgrade Java, I always have to do an offline install to install it, so maybe VS can be done with an offline install? So, I will try offline installation.


Right-click in the folder vs_community__1030454197.1533178252.exe and click “Open Command Window Here”.

Or, type “cmd” in the address bar of the folder vs_community__1030454197.1533178252.exe and press enter.

Enter the following on the command line: vs_community__1030454197.1533178252.exe –layout c:\vs2017offline

Downloading starts.

After a few moments, the error message shows again, “The installation file cannot be downloaded. Please check your Internet connection and try again.”.


Subscribe to the white list

Among MS’s offline installation instructions were the following
Install and use Visual Studio and Azure Services behind a firewall or proxy server

By the way, when I used to get an error every time in Office, I registered it in something called a whitelist and it fixed it. Is this it?
Register the URLs listed in the “URLs that should be registered in the white list” section of “Installing Visual Studio”.

There are a lot of them. See how to register here.

Microsoft Domain


Set URL resolution


Set URL resolution


Set the package download location


Set the package download location


Set the package download location


Set the package download location


Where to download Visual Studio extensions


Document Location


Document Location


Document Location


Document Location


Sign In Location


Sign In Location


Sign In Location

Microsoft 以外のドメイン


Mobile Development in JavaScript (Cordova)


Game Development with C++ (Cocos)


Game Development in C++ (Unreal Engine)


Mobile Development with JavaScript (Java SDK), Mobile Development with .


Game Development with Unity (Unity)


Game Development with Unity (Unity)


Mobile Development with JavaScript (Android SDK and NDK, Emulator)


Game Development in C++ (IncrediBuild)


Game Development in C++ (IncrediBuild)


Python Development (Python),Data Science and Analysis Applications (Python)

Here is a string of these lists connected by the concatenation “;”.


Now I try the offline install again, but still the same error message.

Furthermore, when I try to view the MS page mentioned above, I get a message that says, “A server named docs.microsoft.com could not be found.”.

No, no, no, I don’t understand why I can’t even see the normal pages, so I remove the URLs I registered above. Then, you can see the MS page again.

Delete the installer

It is comforting to know that the procyclicals are in the way in the first place.

Troubleshooting Visual Studio 2017 Installation and Upgrade Issues

Delete the following files.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer

I try to install again, but still no luck.

In step 5 of the above page, it says “As a last resort, run InstallCleanup.exe to remove the installation files.

Execute the command from the following path.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\Installer\resources\app\layout\InstallCleanup.exe

I will try again with this.

Yes, no.


Avoiding Prosiki with Fiddler

I have done some research, but there are a few posts here and there that say it fails and remains unresolved under prosyki environment, including overseas sites.

Here’s a special trick.

How to run an application that does not support authentication proxy under the authentication proxy environment

認証プロキシ非対応アプリケーションを、認証プロキシ環境下で動かす方法 - Qiita

Double click on the exe file normally, not offline.

For the first time this progress bar is blue!

Finally, I was able to get around to installing it. I was tired.



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